Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ian Holland, Program Director of Radio 2GB

Ian Holland, Program Director of Radio 2GB

Faruque Ahmed

P O Box – 349

Alexandria – 2015

Mr. Ian Holland

Program Director of Radio 2GB

Level 1, Building C, 33-35 Saunders St

Pyrmont, NSW 2009, Australia

Phone: (02) 8570 0000, Fax: (02) 8570 0219

Re: Request to Stop Inciting Against Aboriginals, Arabs, Migrants and Muslims

Dear Mr. Holland,

Jim Ball, Warren Moore, Mike Williams and other shock jocks of your station love to incite against Aboriginals, Arabs, Migrants and Muslims. They also refuse to provide any right of reply to their victims.

I am appending three examples below for your consideration.

I hope that you will take the necessary action to rectify the situation.

Sincerely Yours

Faruque Ahmed


Free Australia Now

Mobile: 041 091 4118, Email:

23 August 2010

Radio 2GB and pro-Liberal, anti-Aboriginal, anti-migrant, anti-Muslim and anti-Arab Conspiracy

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As a part of censorship process Mike Williams ignored my email below. This practice of censorship and incitement against a number of groups are giving rise of the concept which are pro-Liberal, anti-Aboriginal, anti-migrant, anti-Muslim and anti-Arab in general!

From: 2GB
Subject: 2GB.COM Feedback - Mike Williams
Received: Saturday, 21 August, 2010, 2:16 AM

The following is a copy of the message you sent to Mike Williams via - Sydney's number 1 talk radio station - news, talk, sport and lifestyle

Name: Faruque Ahmed
Suburb: Sydney
State: NSW
Country: Australia
Phone: 041 091 4118

Comments received: Mike Williams of 2GB

Dear Mr. Williams,

Islam and Muslim basing is the most spectacular game in the town. Your opening comments regarding the Mosque near ground zero was inaccurate.

Anyway, my mobile is 041 091 4118. You are welcome to call me should you wish to have a fair debate and discussion.

8/21/2010 2:14 AM

For more:

Sunday, August 22, 2010 Rowan Barker of 2UE spoke to me on air and his producer was nice to me too!

As mentioned in Radio 2GB, Anti-Aboriginal Act and Act of Censorship the following day Warren Moore of Radio 2GB continued to censor me.

Warren Moore of Radio 2GB

For more: Warren Moore of Radio 2GB

Dear Mr. Moore,

To the best of my memory I have spoken to you on a few occasions. During our conversations I have not noticed any animosity or serious disagreement between us. However, last night’s episode was a sad and bad one! I therefore would like to find out the actual reasons and grounds behind it.

As I mentioned in Taxi Mafia Inspired Blockade (Radio 2GB), it appeared some commercial arrangements may have inspired your station to silence me for commercial gains! I am sure you or anyone for that matter can’t deny the fact that I am a strong campaigner of many issues including taxis. I am also certain that my silence was not beneficial for the society.

Your station also failed to make any positive contribution from the long overdue NSW Upper House Inquiry re Taxi Industry and Submissions to the NSW Upper House Inquiry and The Outcome of the NSW Upper House Inquiry.

Answers to Questions on Notice: Mr Faruque Ahmed and Five Vital Components of the Taxi Industry are consistent with Faruque Ahmed's Submission to the NSW Upper House Inquiry re Taxi Industry, Transcript of NSW Upper House Inquiry and Beyond A Call for the NSW Transport and Infrastructure Corruption Inquiry. All of those submissions and documents are supported by corroborative evidence. Yet, your station was silent about all of those vital issues!

I also have very good reason to believe that a very influential media/publicity personality who may have direct and indirect influence on Radio 2GB has undertaken to promote the Liberal Party.

Therefore, I would like to ensure that you denial is not linked to John Singleton or any commercial interests of other parties!

Anyway, sill I am puzzled by your behavior mentioned in Radio 2GB, Anti-Aboriginal Act and Act of Censorship. You can clear the air by talking to me or I may have to seek legal recourse.

Faruque Ahmed


Free Australia Now

Mobile: 041 091 4118, Email:

August 19, 2010


Radio 2GB, Anti-Aboriginal Act and Act of Censorship

For more: Radio 2GB, Anti-Aboriginal Act and Act of Censorship

CC to: Ian Holland, Program Director

Further to Do You Know Prostitutes Are Better Than Australian Shock Jocks?, I rang radio 2GB this morning (Wednesday, August 18, 2010). The producer recognised me and my phone number! He politely told me, “Faruque the board is full right now and I’ll call you back when it is a bit quiet”. I agreed with him and I also told him that I would like to talk about the Northern Territory Intervention. He responded positively.

Since then no one called me back. I also noticed that many occasions the program was very quiet. Specifically between 2.30 A.M. to 3.30 A.M. they had only one caller for two minutes!

One must wonder why radio 2GB is so much anti-Aboriginal and pro-Censorship in nature and reality. Why are they too keen to manufacture consent and opinion?

Faruque Ahmed


Free Australia Now

Mobile: 041 091 4118, Email:

August 18, 2010

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

How Israel tricked Hamas before launching Gaza strikes

The radio report, on Friday, was a final move in six months of planning and deception leading up to the strikes, The Australian reported.

Who was behind Hamas and why?

Hamas' early growth had been supported by the
Mossad as a "counterbalance to the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO)". Furthermore, the French investigative newspaper Le Canard enchaîné stated that Shin Bet had also supported Hamas as a counterweight to the PLO and Fatah, in an attempt to give "a religious slant to the conflict, in order to make the West believe that the conflict was between Jews and Muslims", thus supporting the controversial thesis of a "clash of civilizations".[86]


Friday, January 29, 2010

Indian attacks a known problem: police

What are they covering up?

Faruque Ahmed


Sydney Taxi Corruption, Mobile: 041 091 4118

Indian attacks a known problem: police

January 20, 2010


Victoria's top cop has admitted police realised two years ago there was a problem involving crime against Indians.

Indians are over-represented in robbery statistics and there is a racist element to some attacks, Police Commissioner Simon Overland says.

"There is no question, regardless of the motives, Indian students have to a degree been targeted in robberies and that is not okay," he told ABC radio on Wednesday.

"We recognised this problem a long time before it hit the public.

"We have known for two years that there has been this issue and we have been working away, at a number of levels around engaging with students, trying to make them understand the risks and how they keep themselves safe."

Mr Overland said police had detailed data on attacks involving Indians and said that while Indians were over represented when it came to robberies, the same could not be said for assaults.

About 50 per cent of assaults on Indians occurred in their workplace, mostly involving taxi drivers and convenience store clerks, he said.

Mr Overland said some of the attacks were racist.

"I have said from day one undoubtedly some of these attacks have a racist motive or there is racist elements to these attacks," he said.

"Regardless of who they are, what they are, what colour they are, what occupation they are, my job is to make the state as safe as I can for everyone."

The comments come after a number of attacks on Indians, including the stabbing murder of student Nitin Garg in Melbourne earlier this month.

In the latest incident, an Indian taxi driver was bashed in Reservoir on Saturday.

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