Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The speech of Faruque Ahmed at the Teachers’ Club in Honor of Ms. Haneen Joabi MP

The speech of Faruque Ahmed at the Teachers’ Club in Honor of Ms. Haneen Joabi MP

The biggest teacher of my life, the source of knowledge and power i.e. my mother taught me that all human beings are equal regardless sex, race and religion. As I grew up and acquainted myself with great religion and philosophy like Islam, I found they too agree with my mum.

Then I stumbled across Adolph Hitler and His Nazi regime. What a nasty person with a bad ideology! They believe in ethnic cleansing and racial superiority. But he was not only the bad one. Theodor Hartzl
, Vladimir Jabotinsky, Joseph Weitz and many more Zionists has already conspired the Israeli Holocaust in Palestine long before Hitler. The successive generations of Israelis claim to be the victims of Nazis while they have been perfecting Nazi tricks and techniques and applying on others without any remorse whatsoever! Obviously, question confronting me for a long tome, why do we condemn Hitler and not the Zio-Nazi Israelis?

The Israelis and their supporters believe;
1. They are the chosen people.
2. They are the superior race.
3. God gave them the land.
4. Their god gave them the power to ethnically cleanse non-Jews.

Ironically they deny all of the above. However, since the creation of the illegal and immoral Zionist state, it’s policies and practices as well as the history of Jews clearly support each and every points mentioned above!

Any criticism of Israel attracts severe accusation of “anti-Semitism”! However the Jews, Christians and Muslims of Arab origin are Semites. Those “Jews” coming from al over the world are NOT Semites. In fact they are mongrels! Yet, “anti-Semitism” is the biggest crime of the century! Why anti-Australianism, anti-Arabism, anti-Muslimism is not the crime of the century? Anyway, under what law, moral or authority the Semites are superior than non-Semites? Where is the consistency, may I ask?